Dear business partners and customers,

Company VIA-REK would like to introduce as a reliable and flexible partner and supplier of industry chemicals in wide range of products and offers cooperation.

You can find us in Blanensk√Ĺ region in the area of Moravian Karst. Further information and maps can be found in the Contact section.

The history of our company started in 1993 when the company with the name VIA-REK was officially founded but its history goes further into the last century. It operated on the marked under the name of CHEMA – as a supplier of wide range of chemicals for many areas.

We know that every production process depends on the entry of some chemicals or other chemical products and it is necessary to find a reliable, flexible and affordable supplier.

And this is the point and aim of VIA-REK which is focused on purchase and sale of industry chemicals, we he our own premises with tap areas of organic and as well as inorganic chemistry, inflammable, caustic and poison store houses which enables detailing of these substances into various types of packaging according to the customer needs. Further we are also interested in the production of our own cleaning and chemical products in packaging for small consumers which are for warehouses of chemistries and shops with colours and paints.

Eshop Wetter
May 18, 2015

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eshop Wetter

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